I started “Quitters Prosper” because I believe that recovery from addiction is possible. I’ve been there. Addiction shrank my world and kept me in a prison of my own design.

Recovery allowed me to look forward to tomorrow. You don’t quit drugs to better your life. You quit drugs to SAVE your life. I hope you’ll take the first step toward forgiving yourself, quit punishing yourself, remember that you’re worth it and that recovery is possible. I quit drugs so that I could reclaim my life, my self-worth, and the light I’d tried to extinguish.

If you’re hurting, this is an invitation to quit punishing yourself, quit playing the victim, quit killing yourself one fix at a time, and give yourself permission to discover why “Quitters Prosper.”

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If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction and would like help, please call or email me.

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