“You don’t have to do it alone.”

“Always take note of who supports you genuinely. Those are the people you should always keep around.” -Unknown

Most days I see obstacles the way most guys do:

– “I can fix that.”
– “Get outta my way. I can lift that.”
– “My hands are full, loop that over my shoulder. I’m not making TWO trips.”


But… every once in a while I’m still that little boy inside.

(Yes, that’s really me in the picture throwing a tantrum. Thanks mom. 💙)

THAT boy needs to turn to someone half my size who can put a small, delicate hand on the back of my neck, pull me in for a hug, and say (something like) this:

-“It’s getting hard to hold all that up, isn’t it?” (Running a comforting hand over my scalp.)

-“Yes.” (My head down, wiping at my nose with the back of my hand.)

-“You know you don’t have to do everything by yourself, right? You tell everyone else to ask for help. Maybe you should too.” (Hands me a tissue and scrunches her nose playfully to show me that’s gross.)

-“I know, but…”

-(Lifts my face to meet hers and kisses my forehead to cut me off.) “Hush. Stop it.”

-“Okay.” (Deep breath.)

-“Better?” (Holds me tight until I answer.)

-“Actually… yes.” (A smile creeping across my face.)

-“Alright, now go back to work.”

-“I will. Thank you.” (Standing to hug her again and noticing that the top of her head barely reaches my collar bone.)

-“Anytime. Now… (pats me on the butt) …get OUT of here!”


-“You’re a dork. Go!”

I drive away, chin and tunes turned up:

Unburdened. Unapologetic. Unbroken.

True strength has nothing to do with physical stature.

(To my amazing friend who doesn’t need to know what to say, just always knows what to ask then LISTENS… thank you for making me feel 10-feet tall again. I’m so grateful you are in my life without expectations. I owe you. So, if your dishwasher ever breaks or your car won’t start, well, you know… I can fix that. 😉)

I’m back.


One Response to “You don’t have to do it alone.”

  1. Elizabeth Hinkley January 13, 2017 at 5:43 am #

    Very inspirational. I need that as my son being in jail is very taxing on me and I don’t have anyone to talk to about his situation because everyone around me believes and says he needs and deserves to be there. I don’t feel that way. He’s a heroin addict. I sent him to rehab for 90 days and he completed the program and he said he was starting to feel like a person again. His PO violated him for going out of state without permission even though the rehab talked to her several times while he was there. They updated her that he was doing very good. I sent him because I felt he could die from an overdose anyway. When he got home after completing the program judge Marcus Long in Montgomery county Virginia sentenced him to 3 1/2 years in prison. He now feels hopeless and useless. I’m heartbroken. If anyone would ever like to send him a letter of inspiration and hope please do!! It may make a big difference for him. We never know. His address is Western Virginia Regional Jail
    Inmate Matthew Grubb
    5885 West River Road
    Salem, VA 24153

    Dan, thank you for your unfiltered openness. I pray everyday that Matt will be able to do something with his life that helps others when he gets out of jail.