News Anchors Laughing at Addiction.

I see these wisdom teeth or surgery videos where someone is high as a kite on opiates and news anchors laugh and say; “that’s so silly! Sure glad they didn’t have the internet when we were kids!! Back to you, Susan…”

Then Susan puts on her “this is serious” face and talks about how overdose deaths doubled this year.

It just makes me so sad. They don’t realize how often they are telling the EXACT SAME story. Like my dad told me about prescribing opiates, “you never know who is going to take that Percocet and feel like it’s exactly what what has been missing.”

Don’t laugh. You don’t see that person alone in front of the medicine cabinet. You aren’t inside their mind when it says, “if one feels this good, how would two feel??”

That’s the sneakiness of addiction. It doesn’t happen all at once. Someone could be plummeting down that slippery slope any you’d never know. They probably don’t even know.

That “Worthless Junkie” passed out in the gutter could have easily been a Veteran, honor student, athlete, or anyone else who was scared to open up before it was too late. They didn’t want to admit to anyone that they were a “drug addict” because of that stigma.

Not even themselves.

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  1. Shelly Sprunk January 22, 2017 at 8:20 pm #

    Did you see the post from Huffington Post on facebook? Bill Maher says ” Don’t do heroin, Kids. I may lead to being a republican. ” He was calling addicts “PillBillies”, citing the number of overdoses occuring in south-estern states such as Kentucky. I for one, did not find this amusing.. I just lost my daughter to endocarditis on 9/9/16. She left behind twin daughters, 9 years old, and we are devastaed.

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