keep-hoping-people“Aside from writing, what exactly is it that you DO, Dan??”

Now that book sales have shifted to Amazon, I’m now working one on one with individuals on a full-time basis. I work with people all over the country but I focus on my home state of Utah and also Wyoming and Idaho. If you are a parent or loved one of someone who struggles with addiction, you are already overwhelmed. If you aren’t sure where to turn and would like to speak with someone who has personally visited treatment facilities in every corner of the country and can give you options, I’m happy to help. Please stay vigilant of anyone who offers to help find treatment. Don’t be afraid to ask for a second opinion if it feels like a sales pitch.

I quit cold turkey. I’ve never been to rehab, so I’m a tough sell. I’ve seen dozens of places I’d love to go… on vacation. I focus on facilities that provide such exemplary care that I would STILL love to go there to improve my life beyond just getting clean.

Call me directly. Tell me what you’re dealing with and let me help you with a game-plan for yourself or a loved one. 385-419-9567 is my personal cell.